Acaya Academy & Young Team


Improve or learn the right technique required to play golf with our instructors.

Golf is a sport that requires concentration and precision. If you want to learn this fascinating game, the best solution is to rely on expert professionals, who can teach you both the basics of the game and the most complicated aspects.

At Acaya Golf Club you can book lessons with the golf instructor Vittorio Mori, a PGAI (Professional Golfers’ Association of Italy) and FIG (Italian Golf Federation) associate. With his experience and technical approach, he meets the needs both of advanced players and novice players.

The golf equipment is supplied for as long as necessary at no additional cost. The Acaya Golf Club Academy is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to learn to play golf or just improve their swing.


Young Team

We train tomorrow’s champions by working on technique, athletic development, and psychological preparation

The technical activity will be set up and managed by the professional responsible, with the most modern teaching methods and based on the experience acquired in previous years.

The Young Team athletes will follow an intensive training program aimed at improving their technique, athletic development, and psychological preparation.



Starting from the beginning of the year, the courses will take place at the following times (possible half an hour in advance in winter):

Tuesdays and Thursdays: from 3 pm to 4.30 pm ADVANCED PLAYERS (children with hcp from 36 to 1 and/or B, BG and BN golf license).

Thursdays and Saturdays: from 3 pm to 4.30 pm NOVICE PLAYERS (qualified children and those with hcp from 54 to 37).

Giovedì e Sabato: dalle 15:00 alle 16:30 PRE AGONISTI & NEOFITI (i ragazzi/e abilitati e quelli in possesso di Hcp da 54 a 37)


The courses take place in three sessions divided as follows:

In winter (generally from early January to late March)

In spring (generally from early April to mid-June)

In autumn (generally from early October to late December)

From mid-June to late August only the course for advanced players takes place.


The team members will be chosen among the advanced players enrolled in the Youth Club on the basis of the hcp, the results, the frequency and according to the selection guidelines decided by the Managers/Coordinators of the Youth Club.

In summer, the athletes selected will follow a course aimed at preparing them for the Championship.

The program includes: participation in the competitions valid for the local and national youth ranking which will be held mainly in Apulia and Basilicata as well as participation in national youth competitions scheduled on the national territory; youth competition on a monthly basis valid for the ranking.


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